Wedding Planning

5 Tips To Keep Calm On Your Wedding Morning

As wedding photographers we have experienced countless wedding mornings spent with the bride and we know how important it is to stay calm during the build up. We have experienced it ourselves when we got married at Lusty Glaze, the nerves and excitement the night before, family and friends arriving, it can all become quite overwhelming! Staying relaxed as possible means you start the day right and the rest can go ahead stress free. We love to put our brides at ease and have so many tips to keep the zen for your morning. We have found theses are extremely helpful for our clients.

1. Start the day with your feel good routine

Just like any other day, start your day with your own routine that relieves the stress and keeps your centred for the rest of the day. Make sure you allow time for this, so set your alarm a little earlier to give yourself the space you need. This can be 10 minutes meditating, a morning sea dip, a jog along the coast, or even just a cup of tea and breakfast in bed (a treat from the bridesmaids!) Some brides love booking a yoga teacher for the morning. Whatever it is that encourages calm, make the time for it. We also recommend doing this alone or with a select special few, as you are with people all day, it can be a lifesaver to appreciate some alone time.

2. Make sure you make time to eat!

It’s so important to have a hearty, healthy breakfast to get you through the day. As a bride or groom, you spend so much time talking to your guests, it’s a long time before you get to eat on the day! Combined with the celebration drinks, not eating can sometimes leave you a little lightheaded. Make sure you sit down and eat something on the morning of your wedding, plan the meal so you can have it all ready for the morning. It really will set you up for the day!

3. Surround yourself with the right people

Make sure you only pick a special few to spend the morning with on your wedding. Making sure these are the ones that calm you down when you need it, make you feel loved and are good at taking over the organisation. Too many people can sometimes be overwhelming, so pick wisely! This also applies to your make up artist, hair stylists and photographers. They will all be with you on your morning, so make sure it is people you feel comfortable around and bring the feel good vibes!

4. Leave extra time

Make sure you leave plenty of time when planning your wedding timeline. It means you will have plenty of moments to relax and enjoy the day as it is. A lot of brides don’t think about time to actually enjoy the day! It all goes by so quick, giving yourself moments where you can be present really slows the day down and makes it more enjoyable. It also means you can sneak in a glass of bubbly with your bridesmaids or do a first look with your Dad.

5. Remember the day is about YOU

After all the planning and months of organisation, it’s easy to forget what the day is actually about. You and your other half! It doesn’t matter if the flowers aren’t perfect or a guest is late, remember the reason you are getting married. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in every little detail, but don’t sweat the small stuff! Focus on the two of you and know that your wedding is not for anyone else but you.