Our Top Tips For Your Couple Shoot

Couple shoots and engagement shoots can be so great to get you guys relaxed and used to the cameras. We recommend everyone does an engagement shoot before their wedding, not only to feel comfortable around the cameras but also to get to know each other. We know most of you feel nervous, but it really is just an opportunity to do something fun together and create memories! No awkward posing, just a whole lot of good times. Here are our best tips for your shoot. For more information on booking with us head here, for couple sessions contact us.

1. Wear neutral colours

This is our most important tip, wear neutral, pastel colours that compliment each other and you feel comfortable in! Whites, khaki, denim, grey, navy all look incredible on camera and keep your photos looking clean, fresh and beautiful! Opt for solid colours as opposed to patterns which can distract the eye on camera and avoid big logos. Colours to avoid are bright oranges, greens, reds. Blues look great with a coastal back drop where as earthy tones suit a more woodland location. We can’t tell you how important this tip is, it makes all the difference and you’ll end up with epic photos!

2. Choose the best time of day

The light is best for shooting early in the morning and in the evening, the low light makes for stunning skies and soft light. If you can have book your shoot around these times, your photos will be so much more magical. The light creates the atmosphere. It’s also perfect for quieter locations, beaches, woodlands, the ocean are all a lot quieter in these hours.

3. Do something that you LOVE doing

This shoot is about you two! You guys are at your best when you are having fun together. Maybe you love hiking? Let’s do it. More of a beach lover? Let’s jump in the water! Have a favourite coffee shop? Let’s go! Love seeing new places, let’s pick the perfect view! Surfers? Let’s go for a surf! Want to bring your dog? We love dogs! Want to have a picnic? Pop the champagne! Want to get cosy with a fire? Bring the hot choc! Your photos shouldn’t just look like you because you are in them, but also feel like you. You guys photograph best when you are enjoying yourselves, so let’s do something fun together.

4. Don’t be afraid to be silly

Your photos don’t have to be formal, they are about you and your normal life. We want you guys to be relaxed and feel like you can be yourselves. Talk to each other, move around, don’t be worried about what you look like. If it’s a windy day, go with it, let the wind do it’s thing. If you’re having fun, the photos will look their best.