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BA Hons Fashion Photography. Yogi, Surfer, Artist, lover of turquoise jewellery and salty hair.

Founder of Wild Tide Weddings, Philly is one of Cornwall’s most successful photographers. Bursting with positivity and enthusiasm, her laid back nature allows her to document the real energy of your wedding. Drawing inspiration from constantly meeting new people, places and cultures, her photography style oozes with nature, light and love. Paired with her inherent ability to surround everyone with ease and joy, her photographs capture your wedding with an honest, intimate feel. An adventurer at heart, when she’s not behind the lens, you’ll find her travelling the world, teaching yoga, doing beach cleans and sharing her love of the ocean with her husband Alan. You can buy Philly’s ocean inspired photography and art via phillystokes.com


Pro Surfer, Photographer, Filmer, Musician, Surfboard Designer, lover of the simple things in life.

Alan joined the team in 2017 after years travelling the world as a pro surfer. He’s acclimatised rapidly, having already shot 20+ weddings solo. With a lifetime of experience in film and content creation, Alan’s easy going and friendly nature allows him to capture wedding imagery with an uplifting energy, whilst working as part of a husband and wife team allows him to document your day from an empathetic perspective. Alan’s can-do attitude and adventurous soul allows the people around him to relax and shine with positivity, and his pro-athlete mentality ensures he stays on his toes – never missing a moment of your day! When he’s not shooting weddings, you’ll find him surfing the ocean’s great waves, exploring unseen corners of the earth and growing veggies.


BA Hons Fashion Photography. Ocean addict, Surf Photographer, lover of travel and salty adventures.

Megan’s photography journey began in 2013 whilst studying Fashion Photography at Falmouth University, and she has been following her dreams ever since. A vital member of the team working alongside both Philly and Alan, Megan’s friendly and approachable nature allows her to capture the true happiness and character of your day. Her photography style oozes with everything we believe in – nature, the elements and nomadic spirits – she captures moments of love and laughter to bring alive the memories of your wedding. Part photographer, part mermaid, when Megan isn’t documenting weddings you’ll find her swimming in the ocean and travelling the world photographing surfers in her other specialism of water photography.